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The Easy Way to Find the Best Coop for Your Backyard

  • ...We Offer Delivery in the United States

    Our delivery is either discounted or free to the continental United States. We offer in-place delivery - your coop placed in your yard where you want it. Learn more about delivery here MORE DELIVERY INFORMATION & PRICES

  • ...Our Coops are Fully-Built

    Prefabricated coops, Amish built is exactly what we do. Here in Lancaster county Pennsylvania, we make the coops that we use and sell them online to you. Our coops are pre-fab built and shipped to you ready to use. The only items that may come unattached are upgrade options like solar panels, cupolas and weather vanes that could easily be damaged in transit to your home.

  • ...Our Coops are Ready-to-Use

    Your coop will be ready to use. It will include the standard features your need to get off to a running start with your new chicks. We include an person door, slider winder(s) with screens  and SecureWire Super™ window protectors, a chicken door with a chicken ramp, roosting bars, nesting boxes, pressure treated legs and runners, tech shield sheathing insulation with architectural shingle roofs, and an LP Smart Floor.

  • ...They are Genuinely Amish Built

    Authentic Amish chicken coops is all we offer. Each coop is made by hand, one at a time by a team of skilled Amish craftsmen.

  • ...You Can Customize Your Chicken Coop

    Since each coop is made upon order, by hand, customization is encouraged. See our long list of materials and color options and then on top of that, all the upgrade options that you can imagine. Imagining more? Send us a note and let us know, chances are, we will accommodate your request. email to:

  • ...They are Safe and Secure for Your Chickens

    Our coops are fantastically safe for your hens. Take the worry away. We include everything necessary to keep your backyard chickens safe. If you want even more protection, check out upgraded wire options for your chicken run - on it, under it or around it.

Designed for the backyard chicken keeper who wants quality construction, easy cleaning convenience, and customizable siding, roof, and flooring along with many other options including automatic chicken doors, insulation and lighting. shaver who longs for an easier glide, Lancaster Coop's chicken coops are built to make chicken keeping delightful.